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Derek Short is a multi-instrumentalist , composer and producer from Chicago’s south side who has spent most of his life traveling around the world playing music in a variety of genres , ranging from straight jazz and fusion to funk , pop , progressive rock , ethnic and just about everything in between . Along the way dEREK has recorded and released 4 cds ( 3 bass and 1 sax ) . On this web page we will introduce you to dEREK’s past projects and try to keep you informed about current and future projects. Gig info can be found here on the Live Schedule page . dEREK’s Facebook , Soundcloud , MySpace and YouTube pages are linked here too .
                                    Derek K Short
                                    Bassist / Composer / Producer
                                        Live and Studio Musician
Tokyo, Japan Based Solo Artist and Leader of The Executive Class Band

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bass , sax , jazz , funk , music , Tokyo , Japan , Chicago , New York , London